There is No Moviemaking Without the Perfect Location

Location scouting is a very important process when pre-producing a movie. The setting for the shooting contributes to the story as much as each individual character. Can you imagine an historical movie shot in modern day Dubai? The perfect location should have a feeling to it. Something that goes hand-in-hand with both storyline and genre. Therefore, location scouters have a very important job that requires a keen eye and understanding of the subject, scenes and concept of the movie.

Drama is most likely the genre with the most emotional effect. Location here is very important. Most good movies are set in a place that tells a story of its own. From old historical buildings to rundown neighbourhoods, these settings can bring balance and emotion to the movies… or can ruin it for all audiences. Places like ghettos or projects are typical locations for cliché crime movies whereas locations such as Vancouver is preferred when a generic Western metropolis needs to end on the big screen (with the excellent exchange rate with the Canadian dollar representing a big plus).

A country like the United Kingdom offers a range of locations for different types of adventures, from historical pieces to more urban stories. Estates in cities such as London as well as Manchester can be perfect for dramas about financial struggles or tough times. Smaller boroughs or villages in the countryside would be able to attract a scouter because of all the possibilities they bring.

Just like any other form of art, it’s the environment that tells half of the story!

Location scouting